3 Day Potty Training: The Myths of Potty Training Revealed

Potty training will be one of the hardest times of your life as a parent. Some people will tell you that potty training is the easiest thing you will ever do; those people never had kids. There is a method called 3 day potty training that you can check into, but here are some of the myths of potty training that need to be debunked if you are ever going to have a child that is out of diapers.

Just sitting your child on the potty trains them is one of the biggest myths you will ever come across. You can sit them there all day long and if they don’t want to go, they aren’t going too. This actually will confuse your child and while they may go in the potty if they have to go while they are sitting there, they are just as apt to just sit there twiddling their thumbs, get up and go in the floor. Doing this gives your child no direction at all for when they are supposed to use the potty, so skip this part and use the Potty Training In 3 Days method instead.

Never let anyone tell you that potty training is going to cause problems between you and your child. You have to make potty training fun, instead of a chore. If you do that then you will have a celebration together, instead of a fight every hour of the day.

Never buy into the myth that daycare will help you train your child. Daycares are actually turning away children that are not potty trained, so you are on your own. Potty training should be between a parent and their child anyway. They trust you and you know how to handle them in case of a meltdown.

The one myth that you hopefully will never believe in is keeping your child in a soiled diaper. This is very unhealthy for your child and won’t help with potty training at all.

Boys are no harder to train than girls, they are pretty much the same. They are either ready to learn or they aren’t.

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