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Considerations for Designing and Building a Parking Garage The cost of constructing a parking garage is one of the most crucial decisions that a property owner can make. The expenditure for parking can have a sizable impact in a financial standpoint. To illustrate, the parking space for one car is roughly roomier than the office area of the car owner. What are the factors that affect the costs of building a parking garage? Consider the geography of the place. The location of the project has a consequence on how much to spend. The costs of construction will differ by location depending on local considerations such as labor costs and availability of materials. Other factors such as soil conditions and higher seismic zones will also alter the cost significantly.
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The number of parking levels should also be taken into account. Considering that two lots have different square footage, a shorter parking garage in the bigger lot will be less expensive per parking space than a taller parking building in the smaller lot. The construction cost per square foot on the ground level is less than that of the raised levels. The structure becomes heavier the higher it rises so this will have an effect on the foundation cost. A higher structure typically has a less efficient parking layout which means additional square feet for each parking lot.
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Below-grade parking is a lot more expensive than above-grade parking. Comparing costs, a parking building five levels above-ground is approximately fifteen percent cheaper per square foot than the same structure below ground. The costliness comes from the brunt of having to dig deeper. Majority of the cost of the parking garage will go to the structural system. Selecting which framing system to adopt will very much affect the cost of each parking slot. The parking building’s structural system can either be cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, or structural steel. Which system is more economical depends on the locale of the project and the preferred mode of construction in the region. Picking a system that is new to the region will usually hike the cost of the structure. Since the structural system takes up most of the cost of a parking building, the foundation system impacts greatly the cost of the project. A parking garage constructed in an area with poor soil conditions will need a deeper foundation system that will cost more. Consider the total number of parking spaces. The project’s overall size will impact the cost per parking slot. A project which is smaller will be costlier per space compared to a bigger project. Taking time to plan the construction of a parking structure will increase its probability for success and generate savings.

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