5 of the Most Fashionable Accessories for Your Phone

The really great thing about accessories is that they can transform any old outfit into something spectacular. Just throw on a pair of killer heels, a golden bangle or a floral scarf and even your everyday office wear gets a new lease of life. But if you’re a little strapped for cash right now and can’t afford the money for that gorgeous new Kate Spade purse you’ve got your eye on, then why not try pimping your cell phone instead with the following affordable and oh-so-fashionable accessories?

1.Lipstick Style Emergency Battery – Who needs Kate when you’ve got one of these? All your girlfriends will go green with envy when your last bar of battery is about to run out and you pull this sophisticated, super sleek backup battery out of your purse. Not only does it look great, take up no room, and gives your iPhone up to 7 more hours of talk time (or your Galaxy a full charge), but it fits perfectly into your purse. And if you’re looking for a new smartphone or a tablet for sale to accompany this hot new battery, you can find great deals checking out 1Bid1, one of the best bidding sites online today.

2.Tristan Art Customized Cell Phone Cases – What better way to express your personality than through your cell phone cover? Tristan Art is so hot right now that hundreds of celebrities have had him design their covers. Because our smartphones are such a huge part of our lives, even if you’re not wearing your favorite clothes when you run into that special someone you’ve been hoping to; they’ll be blown away by the originality of your case.

3.IStuck Mobile StandIn bubblegum pink and made out of chewing gum (well, OK, plastic that looks just the real thing), this awesome stand is not only a quirky fashion statement and throwback to your college days, but it’s the perfect accessory to allow you to stand your phone up on its own and watch anything you want to perfectly, without having to find a book or glass to prop it on.

4.Kenzo Embossed Phone Purse – On the higher side of the price range, this Kenzo logo embossed phone shoulder bag comes in gold and will go with any outfit, giving you a touch of class and style. The drawback with this one, apart from the price, is that there’s only room for your iPhone, so unless you have pockets for everything else, you may be better off saving your money for a Kate Spade, a newer phone, or a cheap camera for sale, and check out cell phone auctions online.

5.Serenity II Headphones For Travel – At over $150, this is another one at the high end of the budget range, but undeniably awesome for those of you who love listening to your music loudly while on the go. With pure sound isolation and tonal accuracy, this slick headset is also battery free. You really can be immersed in your own world wherever you happen to be.

With so many accessories out there for your favorite handheld device, if you’re looking for that perfect touch of originality to add to your outfit, from cool cases to compact accessory batteries, there’s something to fit everyone’s personality and style. Get accessorizing today!

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