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Considerations for Choosing a Spa Installation Contractor Most homeowners don’t have the specialist knowledge and skills to be their own spa contractor. Even it the desire may exist to tackle the project as a way to save money, installing a spa to your home is both a difficult and pricey undertaking. Errors only increase expenses that may well be avoided just by hiring an expert. The following are tips for picking a spa installation contractor: Create a Spa Contractor Shortlist
Doing Businesses The Right Way
Explore the Internet or the Yellow Pages. Look for spa contractor ads and start to compiling names of local professionals or companies. Get referrals from people around you. If any of them had a spa recently installed in their homes, find out who their contractor was. If the contractor got a good feedback, write his name down.
The Best Advice on Spas I’ve found
Interview Each Spa Contractor Prospect Have no less than 3 candidate contractors and let them drop by at your home for an initial inspection and, of course, for the interview. Make sure to ask the questions below: > Are you licensed and insured? Demand proof of both, including proof that they are covered by worker’s compensation insurance. > Can you describe to me your experience? Inquire about how many spas they have built over how many years they have worked in the business. > Will the same people be handling my job? Some providers shuffle around supervisors and other workers as they try to carry out different jobs concurrently. It’s significantly easier for the client if the same individuals are involved in their project, in comparison to constantly getting to know new workers. > When are you available and how long does it take to finish the job? Be sure that all agreements on stated in a contract to guarantee quality performance. > Can you give me references and a list of some of your latest projects? Do contact all references and have a chat with homeowners who have just had a spa built in their home. Inquire about the contractor’s workmanship and professionalism. Most importantly, find out if they would hire the same people again. Obtain a Minimum of Three Bids You should have enough information that lets you compare options. Price is and always will be a significant issue, but how long the job will take, what kind of references the contractor provides, and total “vibe” you feel at interview are even more crucial. Lastly, visit or call your local Better Business Bureau to check how many complaints the contractor has had; consider the references and then choose the professional or company you are most comfortable with. After all, spa installation not what you would call a small project. A small error can lead to a huge repair expense.

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