A few common dos and don’ts while wearing gold

Have you ever thought what makes gold jewellery so fashionable? The answer is its versatility. Gold goes with casual as well as formal outfits. But there are certain rules that need to be followed if you wish to look your best wearing gold.

The first rule is that you must limit your jewellery items to a minimum. Leaving your look uncluttered is the best thing to do. Make sure you don’t wear multiple pieces at one time. This will not allow any of them to stand out.

Go for at most two or three pieces. Don’t wear more even if you have plenty in possession. Also, if you are wearing multiple items, it’s best to avoid patterned tops or scarves. The prime reason behind this is that when you wear such a top or scarf, the background for your jewellery looks too busy. As a result, people’s attention gets diverted. And they lose focus.

When you hear gold, the first colour that captures your mind is yellow. And that is because yellow gold has been in use for a long time. But there are many other colours in which gold is available. And it’s not recently that these colours have come up; many of the colours have been in existence for centuries. But yes, they couldn’t beat the popularity of yellow gold. But today, interestingly, certain other gold colours have come up and their popularity is in par with yellow gold. Some of the other gold colours include, white rose and green. There are many jewellery items wherein more than one colour of gold is used. These items look extremely classy and are an absolute favourite amongst youngsters.

If you fear looking too common, you can adorn yourself with any gold colour other than yellow. Non-yellow gold colours are unique and very contemporary looking. One of the most popular gold colours is white. And because it resembles platinum, its popularity has grown leaps and bounds.

Another colour that has gained never-before popularity is rose. Rose gold offers an amazing look to any item made of it. It has the much desired warmth yellow gold lacks. Rose gold is great for bracelets. It offers bracelets the kind of charm no other gold colour is capable of offering. The unconventional gold shades are available with contemporary jewellery stores as well as vintage shops.

If you want to look gorgeous or make your own style statement, you must don a statement piece. Chunky, bold rings are an amazing statement jewellery item and can be worn with almost any outfit. Another important statement jewellery item is a gold brooch or vintage ring. So, adorn yourself with any one of these and step out in style. Make your statement piece the centre of attraction. Make sure you keep all other things of adornment simple.

Gone are the days when a person intending to wear gold couldn’t wear anything else. Today, mixing and matching is the mantra. You can team up your gold jewellery with platinum, sterling silver or any other metal like rhodium for some additional zing.

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