A Quick Overlook of Experts – Your Cheatsheet

How to Find a Reputable General Contractor No matter how great you think you are with power tools, there will always be a time when you need the services of a professional general contractor. Unfortunately, it won’t always be easy to find a good one. Below are considerations to help you in your search: Seeking Referrals
6 Lessons Learned: Professionals
First things first, seek referrals. If you know someone who may have had some construction work done lately, you can call them and ask who their contractor was. Of course, you should also ask them what they think of that particular pro. Would they hire him again? If you can’t get any referrals from anyone in your personal circle, reach out to construction supply firms, architects or designers.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Services
Asking for Client References Once you have a few good referrals, you can start screening them. Note that a critical part of the whole process is asking each contractor for client references and following up on them. You want to see both projects that were done recently and not-so-recently. If the contractor you’re considering is confident about his work, he will have no trouble providing you a list of references. Otherwise, it’s safe to assume that they are hiding something that you certainly won’t want to know as a potential client. In such a case, simply move on to the next prospect on your list. Professional Qualifications Checking out a contractor’s previous projects is important, but so is looking into their credentials and qualifications. Visit your city’s building code inspector, builder’s licensing board or local business bureau. Find out if there are or were complaints filed against the contractor in question. Also determine if your prospective contractor is licensed, insured and bonded. if they say they are, seek proof. A good contractor is always happy to show their credentials. When you make sure these things are in order, you are saving yourself from the risk of liability, in case some things go wrong during your construction project (for example, a worker getting injured or your neighbor’s property getting damaged) or if the contractor fails to pay the workers. Professionalism Make sure you hire a contractor who is a true professional. Qualifications, credentials and positive client feedback all matter, but your contractor’s real worth can be seen in how he performs his job from day to day. Note that the success of your project is mainly dependent on your contractor’s skills and capabilities, so make sure you hire someone who will help you attain your objectives. Finally, be wary of contractors who seem vague or unaccommodating towards you. If you can’t even talk to them now while you haven’t made a commitment, what more when work has already started? Most likely, you’ll be stuck with your contractor for a while, so you should hire someone you can trust and are comfortable with.

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