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Everything You Want To Know About Custom Corrugated Boxes A process of matching design elements for corrugated fiberboard boxes together with functional physical, end-use requirements and processing is known as corrugated box design. The packaging engineering is working diligently in order to meet performance requirements of the box while trying to control the total cost throughout the system. Aside from the fact that the structural design is discussed in this content, it also share the same importance the labels, printed bar codes as well as graphic design. Frequently, corrugated boxes are used as shipping containers. These boxes contain the product from the manufacturing through the distribution and sales and at times to end-use. These said boxes are providing measure of product protection but oftentimes, requiring inner components such as bracing, cushioning as well as blocking in order to protect the fragile contents. It depends mostly on the logistics system employed when it comes to shipping hazards. As a quick example, the boxes that are unitized in a unit load on pallet don’t encounter individual handling while some other boxes that are sorted and shipped throughout the part of distribution cycle as express carriers or mixed loads could receive kicks, severe shocks and so on. Regular shipping containers need printing as well as label to be able to identify its contents, bar codes for routing and provide regulatory and legal information. Boxes that are meant for merchandising, point of sale and marketing usually have high graphics in an effort to help in communicating the contents. Some boxes are actually designed for display of the contents on shelf while others are made to help in dispensing the contents.
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Popular for its durability, strength, recyclability, lightness and cost effectiveness, the custom corrugated boxes are used widely for shipping varieties of items. Because of the safety and quality of packaging items in these boxes, they are used frequently in food industry. These types of boxes are capable of handling pressure that is caused by stacking, making them perfect for an easy transport.
If You Read One Article About Packaging, Read This One
More than 95 percent of all products in US are shipping using custom corrugated boxes whether you believe it or not. Among the important functions of such boxes is providing crush resistance or product protection and at the same time, adequate strength for warehouse stacking. Such boxes could also be made by mean of optimizing the grade of corrugated board, flute direction, box design and inner supports. The supports from the product is also providing load sharing that’s known to be a vital factor at times. And in the event that the corrugated box will be stored for long term in a high humidity environment, then it calls for extra moisture resistance and strength to protect the contents inside.

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