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Significance of Trucking Forms for Truck Drivers Trucking forms are important documents which must be filled by the truck drivers to cover their daily operations. These are important documents where the driver has to fill in the driving hours logged by him in the 24 hours of the day. Even the locational details, off duty hours and time spent during driving have to be entered. The truckers are required to maintain the accuracy of the data. The drivers are likely to be prosecuted if a misrepresentation of data or hiding of facts is discovered. Incorrect reports can lead to imposition of fines. The truck drivers are required to systematically fill in the data in the trucking forms. There are separate columns in the log book where the dates, name of carrier, truck number, and total mileage covered in 24 hours must be covered. The format allows for entries of more than one vehicle if driven by the truck driver on the same day. Entry must be made if there are other drivers in the truck. The logbook contains the origin point entry under “from” and destination point entry under “to. The data can be further certified by entering the town or city along with the nearest milestone in the state. The data can be easily represented in graphical form by the truckers. The log book has a grid with hour boxes which are further split into 15 minute sections. The grid can be filled against the activities like driving, off duty, sleeping, or stationary. The cargo type that is being carried in the truck has also to be indicated in the log book.
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The rules for hours of service are linked to the type of the commercial vehicle and the cargo. For example, in case of merchandise delivery the trucker can drive for 11 hours after a break of 10 hours at a stretch.
Doing Forms The Right Way
A 9 inch by 12 inch trip envelope is a part of the trucking forms. It has the company name and contact detail printed and comes in a standard size of 9 inches by 12 inches. The envelope is prone to damage by repeated handling and hence is built to last long. During the trip it comes in handy for the truckers to store the expense receipts and stubs that they collect. The receipts are for the expenses on fuel, toll payments and miscellaneous expenditure. The insurance documents become a part of the trucking forms in case the truck is carrying dangerous goods or liability insurance. This document protects the driver and vehicle in case of an accident. The Department of Transportation makes it mandatory for the truckers to carry a notice form as part of their trucker forms. This notice is nothing but a form for the people who want to file a claim against the trucking company.

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