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Things You Should Know about Home Heating and Cooling Systems The heating and cooling systems of our homes are very vital in our daily life, because these types of systems will keep our homes comfortable and safe. Another term that they use for these systems is HVAC, which means Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. These three are considered as the primary functions of home system. They will control air temperature and humidity and also maintain the quality of the air in the home. There are three major kinds of the cooling and heating systems in the house. Here are the three types of heating and cooling system, the first is a gravity furnace system, the second type is a radiant heating system, and the third one is called a ducted or forced air system. Here are the functions of the 3 types of heating and cooling system: 1. Gravity furnace system
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This system will transfer hot air that will go out of the heater and this system is usually located at the basement or the ground floor. This system has a machine that make use of large ducts and pipes to spread heated or cooled air in the entire house. Here is the process of the system: The cycle would start with the heated air passing through the system and when the air is cool again it goes back and gets suck in the furnace again in order for the air to be heated again. That is why it is called and considered as the central heating and cooling system. The gravity furnace can be operated and controlled with the use of a thermostat control.
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2. Radiant system 3. This second heating and cooling system uses electricity, water and hot steam. How does this system work; There is a central boiler system in this system and the water gets heated and make it move around the tubes and pipes located around the house, delivering the heat to the rooms through a radiator. When the water is cool it goes back and gets heated again. Most air conditioner could exactly fit in a window to make a cool temperature in the room. The radiant heating system has another type and that is the electric radiant system. The electric radiant system has a group of foils and cables and it has electric resistance baseboards that is installed and they are placed within the floors and ceilings, and it will radiate heat throughout your home. 3. Ducted or Forced air system This system is usually used in residential homes because it could heat and cool the temperature of the house through the ducted air system. This system is actually the most quiet type of air conditioning systems.

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