Consumer Drones, What They Include and How They Are (Surprisingly) Used

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the use of drones in the government. But consumer products are substantially easier to access and look into. They are surprisingly simple. Most consumer drones come with a camera that can record and take photographs. The drones are controlled by a radio remote. They also run on a battery. The battery can last upwards of an hour, though some have been known to last longer. Most new drones include an HD video output for high definition and clarity in the image. When using the drone from 400 feet up, an HD quality video is necessary to avoid serious graining.

Why Are Drones So Regulated?

Drones can be easily abused by people that want to be a little creative about it. This has caused a lot of controversy in the area, and most 2015 drone reviews have commented on it. The governmental aspects do not help, for drones have been at the center of some high-profile cases and situations regarding their morality. Drones help fit that governmental conspiracy theorist ideology to a tee. The general public unrest and distrust in technology has formulated a lot of opposition to consumer drone usage.

Perhaps it is these considerations which have implanted two very key restrictions on commercial drones. They must be visible at all times. Furthermore, they must not exceed 400 feet. Since 2006, consumer drones have been legal. But these restrictions are relatively new, and they are met with disagreements and frustrations.

How Are Drones Commonly Used?

Believe it or not, drones have been pivotal in scientific research for many years now. Drones have been common test projects in the fields of robotics and aerial navigation. The four piloting controls that are in quadcopter drones have been studied extensively. The flight patterns in drones have been mimed and explored in commercial flights and real time navigation systems. The radio controlled elements are suited for robotic study.

It is fascinating to see how drones have become a symbol of governmentb spying and wordly distrust. From humble beginnings, drones have evolved to be one of the more controversial and fascinating areas of scientific development.

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