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Should You Consider Using Corrugated Packaging For Your Business? Corrugated packaging has a unique combination of unmatched benefits compared to other modes of packaging available. These boxes have a reputation for its structural cushioning and rigidity and therefore, it is deemed as the ideal thing for packing fragile articles. Corrugated boxes are quite convenient to store as they’re compact. The best thing about these types of boxes is the fact that they’re lightweight, very easy to handle, sturdy enough to store to up to 25 to 30ft height, can be custom made and could suit rightly to all container sizes and pallet sizes and even more, can accommodate in go-down space. Some of these boxes even feature handles as well as other fitments, which make it simpler to carry and add to convenience of use. The articles stored inside it are safe from oil, water, abrasion, grease, static electricity and so on. When compared to wooden box that could be opened and resealed, no one could simply walk off with items stored in custom corrugated boxes unless, they’re torn completely.
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These boxes suit best for packing wide varieties of products regardless of their shape and size. As a matter of fact, 3/4 of consumer packs and transportation containers of corrugated boxes are versatile to pack heavy and perishable and even fragile products. When compared to other kinds of containers including metal, glass or plastic, these corrugated boxes are made using kraft paper making it a renewable source. Therefore, these boxes are environmentally friendly and help in sustaining ecological balance. These boxes could be re-pulped, reused and remade to new boxes and the recyclable attributes it have are contributing to the protection of the environment.
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Behind versatile and eco-friendly boxes, it involves a tedious manufacturing process. Corrugated boxes aren’t transported in cartons or boxes but, they’re shipped in bundles. These boxes are manufactured in the box plants. Corrugated boxes are manufactured only after knowing the purpose of its usage. These boxes that are made from corrugated paper boxes and the size, color, shape and even strength of finished products are only few of the integral elements that must be looked at while manufacturing such. Generally speaking, there are 4 different kinds of corrugated boards and these are the single faced boards, double walled boards, triple walled boards and single walled corrugated boards. All of the said boards are made on a series of machine that is known otherwise as corrugating line and given proper shapes then converted as corrugated boxes as per needed size and shape of customers. Converting machines are being used to give proper size and shape to the boxes.

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