Do You Know How Dr. Marten Started?

dr martensNone of us could ever skip knowing the well known culture lining shoes brand Dr Martens. As one of the front lines of the urban culture and the heart beat of punk and the image of self expression symbol, Dr. Marten’s boot is globally spread and become one of the first choices for style boot, working boot, and even gardening boot. The all in one function of Dr. Marten’s boot is the intrinsic part that makes many of young people hardly ignore the existence of Dr. Marten’s boot.

Coming from the late 1945, Dr. Klaus Maertens, a-25 years old soldier that came back from war zone with the broken leg was having a problem with using the normal leather boot that is normally used by the middle class and the army. So the by his own creativity, Dr. Klaus Maertens started to stitch his own air cushions sole shoes that would help the recovery of his feet. Bringing this idea to his colleague, Dr. Herbert Funk, both then intentionally started working on this new boot style with first line customers are old ladies. Interesting, isn’t it?

The more days passing by, the more acknowledgement Dr. Martens got, and by the time, it caught the attention of the Griggs family that ran their family business of boot making in England. After starting the collaboration of Dr. Maerten and the Griggs family, it becomes widely international and by the time was taking the place as the middle class fashion icon in England and the rest of Europe. Dr. Maertens’s boot intentionally wore by the postman and the factory workers as the symbol of class and rebellious attitude. As music is the heart beat of boots revolutions and the part of the modern boots history, it is clear that boot has been part of the importance of lifestyle to show the free spirit normally wore by the youth and punk community.

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