Finding Parallels Between Resources and Life

Writing Crossword Puzzles to Make Money Crossword puzzles are still very popular today especially in newspapers and there are some people who buy newspapers because of the crossword puzzle alone. It is surprising how the crossword puzzle section comes in the top five most read pages in a newspaper. There is still a great demand for people to write and sell crossword puzzles. If you need to do something on the sideline, try crossword puzzle making. This opportunity is especially for those who love doing crossword puzzles. If you are not a crossword puzzler this business opportunity can still be open for you. It does not need a mastery of English to be one. If you want to write crossword puzzles, here are some helps for you. Your puzzle should have a theme. Themes can be the following: history, geography, film, travel, TV, famous people, etc. The readers do not need to know the theme of your puzzles. With a theme, words and clues will come up more easily. You need to come up with a list of words that has to do with your theme. If you are just starting you can do so with 25 or 30 words. Anything that comes to mind should be listed down. Your crossword puzzle will use words from this list. Both long and short words should be included but it is best to have fewer words under four letters. The words that you should choose contain many often used letters like vowels and some common consonants so that they can fit in the crosses. You should avoid the letters Z, Q and X because it will be difficult to fit them with most words.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Options
You will then need a graph paper and a pencil. Get five or six long words from your list and link them together with the common letters, in the center of the page, starting horizontally. Next is to get the short words and link them also to the words that are already in the paper. From there you can use the remaining words to build up your grid. To finish, fill in the spaces with a blank.
Finding Parallels Between Resources and Life
The numbering of the puzzle should be that every first letter of every word will have one. Divide the words into the Across words and the Down words. You are then to create a clue for each word. You can use either simple or cryptic clues as long as you do not mix them in one puzzle. A thesaurus will give you clue ideas for your crossword. Computer programs are also available if you need help in making crossword puzzles.

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