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TIPS TO USE WHEN GETTING A TATTOO When getting a tattoo, there is no way of telling the amount of pain since everyone has a different pain tolerance. Some people who get a tattoo says the pain is like a slight burn while some say it is like a scratching feeling. Getting a tattoo at the chest or wrist area where skin is usually delicate, the pain might be a little tad intense. If you get at the arms or legs, it might be less painful because these parts are made of more muscle and tissue. Wherever you want to place your tattoo, there will be some sort of discomfort because when getting a tattoo, your skin will be repeatedly pierced by a needle. But still, the whole pain experience will rely on your pain tolerance. If you have a higher tolerance for pain, then getting a tattoo might be a walk in the park for you. To sum it up, there is no exact way to measure the amount of pain when getting a tattoo because everyone has a different threshold for pain tolerance. Piercing your skin at variable depths, the needle will go at a very quick pace. The outline may be the most painful part of the tattoo since the needle needs to make a line that will be obvious on the tattoo. Inserting the needle to the desired area fairly deeply and carefully to assure that the outline is done perfectly. The next part of the tattoo is the shading and generally, people say that this part is less painful than the outline, though this will still depend on the depth of the penetration and the desired effect. Though pain should still be expected when getting a tattoo, there are some ways to minimize it. Below are the following tips you may use:
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Tattoos? This May Help
Going to the tattoo studio drunk or high is not a good idea. Alcohol and drugs will only cause your blood to become thin and more blood during the tattoo session.
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2. Being confident with your tattoo artist will prepare you psychologically and will condition you in terms of the anticipated pain. Find an artist who you know personally or have done works on someone you know that you liked. Tell the artist if the pain you’re experience has become too much to handle. Taking a break or coming back on a later time is okay. Especially if you are getting a huge or complicated tattoo, it doesn’t need to be finished at once. 4. You can listen to music or watch a movie while getting the tattoo done to get distracted. To help you relax, you may try squeezing something soft like a small toy or a stress ball. 6. Going to the tattoo shop with an expectation and positive frame of mind and attitude can help.

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