Gun Safety Rules To Share With Your Child

If you are a parent and own a gun, it is essential that you teach your child about gun safety. Even if you have your guns stored safely with a locking mechanism or inside of a safe or lock box, the fact is, you have a gun inside of your house and your children should know about gun safety. These rules will equip your child to react properly if they ever see a gun that is not secure somewhere.


The first rule you need to teach your child is to freeze if they see a gun. Instruct them to stop playing. Make sure your child understands they should never play around a gun that is out.

Hands Off!

Make sure your child understands to never touch a gun that they find or see. Make sure your child understands that a gun is not a toy, it is a weapon that can hurt someone else. Let your child know that they should not pick up the gun even if they just intend to take it to an adult. Tell your child to leave the gun there and bring the adult to the gun.

Get Out!

The third rule you want your child to understand is once they see a gun out, they should leave the area immediately. They should not try to pick up the gun and take it to an adult. They should not try to take the gun from another child who has picked up the gun. They need to get out of the area immediately.

Tell An Adult

Fourth, make sure your child knows that once they leave the area, they need to tell an adult right away about where they found the gun. If other children have picked up or are playing with the gun, make sure your child also conveys that information to the adult so the adult knows the situation they are walking into.

If you own a gun, make sure you child understands basic gun safety rules. Make sure they understand that if they see an unsecured gun, they are to freeze, keep their hands off of the gun, get out and leave the area where the gun is and tell an adult. Make sure your child understands they should never touch or play with a gun. Visit this site for more gun safety tips and advice.

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