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Singing Bowls – How To Make The Bowl Sing Signing bowls believe it or not are the best tool for relaxation, meditation and even healing. It can produce resonant and harmonious sounds that are pleasing to hear when played correctly. By being able to know how to play such only takes simple steps and minimal amount of time. Holding the singing bowl – the proper way of holding the bowl is by holding it in the palm of your hand. Make it a point that your fingers are flat and isn’t curled around the bowl and when doing it, be sure to hold it a level comfortable for you. The common positions include stomach level, resting in your lap if you’re sitting down or near the heart level. And say for example that the bowl is too big or too heavy to hold in the hand comfortably, you might put it on a flat surface such as table or floor and be sure to place soft cloth underneath. As a matter of fact, there are 2 known methods on how you can play these bowls including:
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Striking the bowl – just strike the rim of bowl with padded mallet. By using this technique, it is going to produce a sound that resonates for a little while after your first strike. Hitting the sides of the bowl will create muddled sound so as much as possible, make sure to hit the rim directly. Increasing the power of the strike will produce powerful and at the same time, louder tone but, be careful not to hit it too hard since this will produce unpleasant and dissonant sound.
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Singing the bowl – with your hand closed and relaxed to singing bowl, hold a mallet that is unpadded and made from wood firmly against the room. Rub the mallet slowly against the rim of the bowl with constant as well as even pressure. Keep on doing this until the sound of the bowl reaches strong and full tone. Rattling sound is indicating that you are going too fast and may need to apply pressure. After the bowl has reaches its full tone, you may now vary the speed of mallet in order to modify the sound. Faster pace produces more active tone while slower speed makes it less intense. Also, you can experiment with how you are gripping the mallet and the angle you hold it to produce various sounds and find a style of playing that’s comfortable for you. Try to play the bowl in various ways until finding the right balance of mallet speed, pressure and angle that is producing a sound that indefinitely last. Practice playing the bowl and you will soon find the perfect blend.

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