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All About Lawn Care And Maintenance

Most of the time, gardens and lawns are deemed as status symbols. There are lawns that are so wide and big that they are stretching to hundreds of hectares, making them look like golf course. And it is probably a major task to take care and maintain such type of lawn.

Maintaining and taking care of regular sized lawn may be doable and easy task. You just have to set a schedule or time to perform the needed tasks. Apart from that, it will be critical to know which among the gardening chores should be prioritized and which ones are essential.

In the next few paragraphs, I have listed some doable and simple tips that you could carry out or do to take care and cultivate your yard or garden correctly.

Tip number 1. Water, mow or trim grasses and weed regularly – truth is, this is a good start and with the availability of gas powered lawn mowers and electronic sprinklers, these said tasks can be less time consuming and easier for ordinary people.

Tip number 2. Put mowing borders around your lawn – these mowing borders are going to keep the grass from growing along the flower beds, fences, walls as well as other areas where your lawn mower couldn’t reach. If you have these borders, you will be able to run your mower over them and clip off the grass’s blades. Through this, you can save much of your effort and time as you won’t have to go back and trim later.

Tip number 3. Think of which fertilizer to use and spread – if you are trying to grow some flowers and trees in your lawn, then this should be given much attention. The use of organic fertilizers are extremely recommended to homeowners. These types of fertilizers are not just effective but at the same time, they are completely safe for pets, children and our environment.

Tip number 4. Spread mulch to protect the trees and avoid trimming – clipping grass around the trees by hand is quite time consuming and hard. When adding a 4 inches deep ring of mulch, you are actually avoiding this chore and also, you are protecting bushes and newly planted trees. To be able to achieve a tidier look, try to use plastic, brick or metal border to surround the mulch.

Tip number 5. Reseed, re-grow grass or foliage – this works effectively if you see any bald patches of green in your lawn. This process involve lots of grunt as well as hard work and may take a while so you must be patient in doing the entire procedure to see the results you want in the end.

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