How To Choose Belted Raincoat For Man

Belted Raincoat For ManBelted raincoat for man, it is not only about its function, but also fashion. When you trace back then, this belted raincoat takes its inspiration from military coat, and you can guess that from that time this typical raincoat already becomes a part of men. Since, it is not all about its function when it comes mens belted raincoat, knowing what kind of raincoat that is suitable for you, it somehow can jot down the options. Anytime you decide to buy belted raincoat, find out beforehand the material that constructs the belted raincoat, and also its color.

Material first, you will get gabardine, leather, cotton drill, and serge. Start from gabardine, this one is made of tight braided fabric. Back then, this kind of belted coat is made of wool, however, now you can find one with polyester, wool, or the combination between the two. Leather is next. Though, it depends on what kind of leather that you choose, belted raincoat made of leather is excellent in durability. However, in the way to make leather belted raincoat can stay with you in long time, some maintenance should be applied.

Another option is belted raincoat that is made of cotton drill. This too is very durable, and sometimes even better than leather. And the last one is serge. The latter one is known as military uniform. At glance this one looks similar with gabardine, but when comparing the two closely, they are so different. Now, the color for belted raincoat for men, mostly you will find in four color options, black, dark blue, olives (green), and brown. Two tips for you when choosing color for belted raincoat, one, you need to integrate it with your clothing, and two your physical appearance. Once you know how to choose your preference belted raincoat, be sure you know good place to buy the raincoat like ccTaylor for instance or some other good places you have in mind.

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