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All About Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls The quartz crystal singing bowls are actually special type of instrument and while they might share few things in common with metal singing bowls counterparts, they’ve got their separate properties, history, healing qualities as well as uses. Say that you are looking forward to learn more about how quartz crystal bowls had came to existence, what they’re primarily used for and to how they become so uniquely special compared to other bowls, just keep on reading. Crystal singing bowls are made of pure quartz. According to experts, the human body is believed to have plenty of crystalline structures including our DNA, blood, bones and some parts of our brain, to which these structures are known to have natural resonance with quartz. Believe it or not, even cells in the body contain silica too, which is practically the same substance found in quartz. These natural affinities actually made crystal singing bowls to heal our body naturally. The quartz bowls aren’t like Tibetan counterparts as it can be tuned to a specific tone. So if you are looking forward for sound healing as well as targeted balancing of chakras in the body, then this will be ideal to use.
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These crystal singing bowls found its roots in modern and some may say, totally unrelated origin while the Tibetan singing bowls have been used quite often for religious and spiritual purposes. These quartz crystal singing bowls have been introduced back in the 1980s as a byproduct of computer industry. The first usage of such is to hold computer chips that have to be heated at extremely high temperature.
A Simple Plan: Bowls
Actually, scientists just throw them away after it’s used up. After a little while, someone has realized that these crystal bowls being made of quartz purely have special healing qualities and started acquiring and selling it on their own. The way quartz crystal singing bowls are made is via fairly involved and special procedure. First, the purest sources of silica sand are gathered for manufacturing process. Then after, the sand is dropped to centrifugal mold, which is heated to over 4,000 degrees centigrade. This process is going to melt the sand and will fused the particles to one solid crystal. And when everything is done, the crystal will be given a specific note and because the note is that strong, it is perceptible even if you are away from it 2,000 feet, whether you believe it or not. The sound quality that these quartz crystal singing bowls can make are capable of rivaling even the highest quality of instruments that were ever produced by man. Because of this, it has become popular to many people.

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