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What is Green Energy and Why Is It Important? You’re probably familiar with the term “going green,” right? The literal meaning of which is to do something that will help preserve the environment. But going green for the many proponents of it means using green energy. But what really is meant by green energy and why is it important? Using fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources corresponds to the production of greenhouse gases, which then creates a serious environmental degradation we call as global warming. In order to lessen or at least slow down the degradation of the planet, governments, private companies, and individuals are gradually embracing the green energy campaign. The fact is we all live in the very same planet we’re destroying with the dependence on fossil fuels. The Concept of an Alternative Source
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Green energy source is anything that can be utilized to produce energy without making harm to the environment. To date, the most widely used green energy sources are solar, hydro, wind, and geothermal energy. They are developed, although in most instances with high expense, as alternative sources that will benefit the earth in the long run.
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There also is one type of energy source that some will refer as green energy, but the manner it is produced is somewhat controversial. We actually are referring to nuclear energy, which experts and proponents believe should be considered green partly because it does not produce as much waste as coal and oil. The Importance of Green Energy Use The world saw itself a dramatic change during the latter part of the 18th century at the advent of the industrial revolution, where manufacturing of goods and products were transitioned to machines. With production sped up, there was a substantial change in society that included economic and population growth. But along the confines of development came the harsh reality – that the earth is being slowly destroyed by the ever increasing dependence on fossil fuels used to fire up manufacturing and other demands of an industrial world. As a result, there now is a dire need to stop the use of energy sources that aggravate the world’s current condition. This is why the role of green energy must be emphasized in all walks of life and in all nations. The main objective of developing green energy sources is to produce power while minimizing the production of waste and pollution. Once this objective is achieved, it means that there will be a significant reduction of the negative impact to our environment. The truth is it is theoretically impossible to reverse the current situation, but it also doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to prevent it from getting worse.

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