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A Guide to Hypnotherapy Although science and health has greatly improved over the centuries to better address health problems, a lot of people still feel skeptic when advised of surgical operations or expensive length procedure as a treatment usually because of the downtime that comes with it. A lot of times, patients try to use health supplements first, or enroll in short term therapies in an attempt to avoid invasive procedures, and just use these as a last resort for treatment. One of the most popular alternative therapy chosen by patients is the hypnotherapy procedure which is believed to help in many known illnesses from psychological problems like depression and phobias, to pain reduction and health management. Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that creates new behaviors, responses, feelings, and thoughts, by penetrating the subconscious mind to induce suggest positive changes. The use of hypnosis as a form of therapy dates back to thousands of years ago and is known to may have originated from ancient India, where sick people are taken to temples to undergo meditations and communicate with Indian gods. However, a psychologist, years later, managed to identify hypnosis properly and linked its function in psychotherapy. Years and more developments later, hypnotism was identified to be similar with other popular alternative therapies in that era such as mesmerism and magnetic therapies. In 1820, years before anesthesia was developed in the medical fields, a doctor in France was able to successfully complete a medical surgery using hypnotic anesthesia.
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Today, individuals that want to professionally and legally practice hypnotherapy have to enroll in short courses to obtain certifications before practicing in the field, with most states and rules making previous medical courses or graduate studies as a pre-requisite. There are also short training periods provided afterwards to prepare students in the various techniques and challenges encountered in the field of hypnotherapy before it can be practiced professionally.
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Modern hypnotherapy seems to have infinite uses today than the usual phobia and smoking cessation treatment. Hypnotic therapists today have also managed to address more problems such as insomnia, stress and anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders, habitual biting of the nails, procrastination, sexual problems, confidence in speaking, allergies, motivation issues, addiction to drugs and substances, and even as an anesthetic in medical and dental procedures. It has also been reported to help in improving the immune system and accelerate healing process in patients. Hypnotherapy can provide patients with an alternative option that is much shorter than typical therapies, and less costly than most medical procedures, but as with all transactions, patients must check first with professionals and to only choose services from certified and licensed hypnotherapists to avoid unwanted results.

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