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Why Purchasing a Camera Jib Crane Might Be the Best Thing For Your Videography

If you consider yourself a film aficionado or you work in the film industry, you surely need quality equipment like a camera jib crane that lets you capture interesting shots. To get your money’s worth, it is advisable that you purchase one from a reputable brand. The equipment lets you take the high quality shots you have always wanted without breaking the bank. When you purchase one, you can finally shoot sweeping clips that are visually captivating.

If you’re not familiar with how it looks like, a jib crane has your camera positioned on one of its end and has a counterweight on another. Since the camera is placed on the crane, it allows you to take shots from an above angle. Despite the shots being high, you will be able to easily shoot things taken at a distance.

A camera operator positioned above the crane will not be necessary when shooting. The camera jib crane increases safety on set as the camera will not fall off on top of objects and people. The main purpose of this equipment is to take shots when other methods are not feasible. It is often used with a remote to control the camera so it would be more convenient to zoom in and out while shooting.

The arm part of the crane is enabled with tilting and panning while its dutch head is composed of a movable truck and a dolly. These added features will help you shoot more efficiently and will improve the quality of your shots. It is advisable to purchase metal wired cranes that are adjustable as it keeps the arm of the jib more stable. With it, you will not need to shell out much cash for a dolly and truck.

Jib cranes also come in different heights. If your camera weighs up to 16 lbs, then it can be carried by most cranes available in the market. You will be able to tilt or pan the camera smoothly.

Jib cranes usually have physical weights to balance and stabilize the camera that sits on the other end of the crane. Take note that the physical weights must be equal to the weight of the camera in order to move it evenly. It is imperative to counterbalance the weight of your camera. If you happen to have a light camera, then you will have to do the reverse.

If you are still unsure about purchasing a camera jib crane, why not check out the shots that are impossible to shoot without it? Owning a camera jib crane will also allow you to experiment and try different shots that you will not be able to do ordinarily.

Source: Travel Jib

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