Long Nail Designs

Your long nails are always more preferable for party look and exotic touch. Girls are more careful about their looks and attitude. Undoubtedly, beautiful long nail designs are the desire of every single lady, as it adds impressive adorableness in every way.  I several studies; Long nail designs are more attractive to men.


But mostly long nail designs are not that easy and most of ladies end up going to professional nail parlour for nail designs. To do nail designs it takes your additional time and your great attention. Here I will be sharing you some creative long nail designs that will give you impressive looks to your nails and overall beautiful looks in you.

Long Nail Designs for You:

Black Shine Flowery Nail Design: This long nail design or art best for summer trend and this nail design will give you beautiful look for sure. This long nail design has shiny touch and black on the end of your nail and on both white and pink floral touch.  And this looks perfect in overall result. You must try it out for yourself, but it can tricky or time taking or if you good in nail designs would not be big deal. However, professional parlour would be best option; if you want this nail design in your nail.


Cyclonic Black Shade: If you want to be trending among your friends and dears then here I suggest you to try out this another summer trend long nail design. This will definitely blow your mind, as it is a mixed type long nail design with cyclonic white on black shade. Black and white will give you classic feel but its overall design is very suitable for your long nail. I would say it is a time taking long nail design but in the end it worth your time. So, what you are thinking? Try this cyclonic black shade long nail design and be trendy.


Cute & Shiny Long Nail Design: Do you love to be being cute? Or you love kitty? Asking these questions may be silly, as all of girls love as being cute and kitty. This Cute and Shiny long nail design is definitely for you, if you searching for cute long nail design. This long nail design is not that tough task, simply apply shiny nail polish and at the end paint kitty as added picture. This cool long nail design will add up cuteness in you.


Glitter Shiny Long Nail Design: This trendy glitter shiny long design is a perfect design, if looking for party looks. This long nail design will definitely make you special among your friends and dears as it looks really exotic. Shiny and glittered design is a perfect mix up that not only shine but give you shine looks too.


Beautiful Scar Long Nail Design: This beautiful scar type long nail design will look really amazing in your nail. This long nail design suitable for party and wedding ceremony, this will give you amazing touch for sure. The good part of this long nail design is that it is not time taking and tough. You can try out this long nail design at home easily.


Being trending among your friends and dears such a great feeling for sure, and for girls it is like more than anything. Nail designing is good part to be trend and look beautiful.

I hope you find these nail designs are attractive and found worthy article long nail designs as well. Try out all of these long nail designs or art and be trendy among your friends. Thanks for reading till the end of this article.

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