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Carbide Drills: The Three Main Types If you are not in the construction industry nor into do it yourself projects, then, the topic of carbide drills may bore you. However, if you find yourself on the opposite, you would know that the knowing the proper types of carbide drills to use is important as the project itself. If you go to your local store, you will see different types of bits as opposed to just carbide drills. The kinds of bits available are usually steel, masonry, wood, and the like. Today, we will discuss the different types of steel bits and their purposes. First Drill Bit Type: Steel Drills Bit
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The steel drills bit is the most inexpensive type of bit. The steel drills bit are used for basic purposes like application of plastic and soft wood. The short life span of the steel drills bit pretty much limits its uses. This type of drills bit also have the tendency to easily break as it does not remain sharp enough to last a long time. Even so, if your need is just quick and temporary, you will definitely get your money’s worth with this type of drills bit.
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Second Type: Coated Drills Bit This kind of drill is produced by manufacturers and is made by steel and then later on coated in tungsten carbide. This tungsten carbide coating is actually one of the best coatings available in the market today. It makes the drill stay sharp to withstand long periods of use and time. With the use of coated drills bit, you can handle much more challenging projects that involve thin metal or hard wood. Third Drill Bit Type: Tungsten Carbide Drills The tungsten carbide drills are actually the best kind you will find available in the market. It is made out of carbon and minerals, which results to a tough and durable drill. The use of this type of drill varies from application of plastics to the thickest of metals or woods. The price point of this type of drill is a tad more expensive compared to the others. However, you will surely get your money’s worth as rest assured, they will last longer and is more multipurpose compared to the other two bits. In summary, the three types of steel bits we have discussed are the usual bits you will find in your local stores today. When purchasing, do consider the type of project you will do and the length and frequency of it. After you have decided, do not hesitate to make a purchase and watch the quality of your work and productivity rise after.

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