Oroton: Apparel for men

Oroton is an Australian brand that manufactures apparel items and accessories for men and women. Its popular products include bags, handbags, jewelry, ties, belts and shoes. The men’s section contains different types of apparel items. Overall clothing includes ties, belts, pocket squares, gloves and jackets.TiesA group of sophisticated ties of various colors is available at the tie shelf of the Oroton. These are the silk ties available in raisin, blue moon, black, and indigo colors. These ties are equally good to be worn at a business meeting, a ceremony or any friends’ and family gathering. You can add a little flare to your attire by using these jacquard ties.BeltsBelts are an integral part of both the formal and informal dressing. They also add a subtle style to your overall attire. At the Oroton store, belts with different sizes and colors are available. These are the Reversible, Woven and Vachetta belts. The reversible belts can be used from either side. The woven belts are a bit more prominent and pose a crafted look. The vachetta belt is exquisitely made of thick leather. It is highly durable and always stays in the fashion.GlovesThe classic cashmere and leather gloves are among the items that prove to be the Oroton’s identity. These gloves are dual purpose: they keep your hands warm and can be used for added style. These gloves are touch sensitive and you can easily use your smartphone while keeping them on. They are available in black and chocolate colors.

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