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How To Solve Some Common Problems With Digital Pianos Without any question digital keyboards and pianos are heavy musical instrument. However, if you just know how to take care of it, it will surely last a long time. However, you should also be prepared for the time when it needs to be fixed. There are many problems associated with Piano keys. You may encounter broken keys or sticky keys, keyboard does not switch on, lack or unequal volume, and LCD broken or does not light up. It is easy to change any broken key. However, you need to know that there is no need to apply extra strength to solve anything. You need a new contact board if the contact is bent beyond repair. You are in trouble when the parts are not available.
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You will have uneven volumes or some notes do not function when you have problems with contact. Because most of the contacts are graphite, it must be cleaned properly. You must avoid using contact cleaner or lubricant. See to it that you only use the right proper cleaning tools for piano.
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If you encounter problems like freezing, locking up, or doesn’t turn on properly, it is not difficult to fix. You just have to check the factory reset procedure in your manual. If you are not satisfied, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s website for additional information. In this way, the normal operation is restored. But you should save your data. If you keep on working on your piano, you should have a backup on your computer or other external storage. It is always suggested that you take care of your piano at all times. When you need to clean your keyboard, you can always find mini vacuum tools and other cleaning and repairing tools. If there are problems when you can no longer fix it, you should go to your nearest service facility. You can also bring your piano to an instrument shop for it to be fixed by a professional. A more serious problem may occur when you try to fix your piano all by yourself. Most of the time, problem will not occur when you buy a brand new digital keyboard instrument. However, you should also be prepared for the time when it will not function well because of many reasons, depending on how you use it. No matter if it is just a single piano key, it is still frustrating to have it repaired. In digital keyboards, some of the common problems are keys, speakers, and LCD displays. But these are not difficult to repair, particularly when you just need to change the keys. You may also discover that your piano keyboard does not switch on. On of the cause is the circuit board or the motherboard. You just think of the piano as computer as it also has a circuit board.

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