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Critical Health and Legal Issues Around Zimmer Knee Implants Zimmer has for a long time been making orthopedic products meant to fix knee complications to enhance mobility, but some of the company’s products have been recalled by the FDA following serious failure. The Zimmer Persona knee implant was withdrawn by the FDA after the realization that it could loosen prematurely, resulting in additional damage. If you’ve utilized a Zimmer knee replacement and noticed some complications, this article focuses on the legal and health issues that are tied to the use of the products as well as remedies that are open to you. Currently, Zimmer is defending over 1,000 legal cases based on claims that the firm’s next generation knee implants may slacken early and cause pain. Other accusations have suggested that replacing the flawed implants calls for hurting and costly revision surgery. Claimants have taken several lines of reasoning to prove that Zimmer is at fault for their knee complications, with many alleging that they’re suffering because of the implant’s extreme rates of fault. Majority of the defects can be linked to design errors, in which case the device’s maker may be legally held responsible for all ensuing losses and damages. In certain claims, the company is being accused of misleading victims through deceptive advertising or by failing to disclose adverse health effects that the company already knew. There is also the common feeling that Zimmer advertised overly optimistic claims that panned out not to be as feasible as claimed.
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If you suffered the pain and difficulties tied to use of a defective Zimmer knee replacement or you endured an expensive and painful revision surgery to correct your knee problem, you may need to file a Zimmer knee lawsuit to obtain compensation and justice. It’s important that you talk to your doctor/surgeon and a defective medical product attorney before filing the suit. Essentially, contact your doctor/surgeon and a defective medical device lawyer before filing your claims.
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There are indicators as to whether you should seek medical and legal help once you experience problems associated with your knee replacement. Contact a professional if you have a hard time walking or standing or your knee is painful and swollen. Other situations that demand a medical examination include loosening in knee, required revision surgery, crunching or any unusual sounds in the knee. Your defective medical device attorney will attempt to connect your complication with a defective knee implant based on your medical report. When you sue in court, you’ll be going for reimbursement for damages resulting from present-day and future costs of treatment, expenses for rehabilitation or home care, losses following lost income, damages for long-term disability, and non-quantifiable losses such as physical pain and emotional distress. If you think your current knee problems are tied to the use of a Zimmer knee implant, there is hope for compensation.

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