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Best Interim Pet Care While The Owner Is Away Many dog owners still entrust their dogs to neighbors, friends or other kin when there is need for the entire household to leave the house and it is inconvenient or not just possible to bring the pet along. The dog may be secured in an enclosure in the home and the “caretaker” may visit, or the pet may stay at the house of the neighbor, friend or relative. In most of these situations, the dog is definitely fed, watered and given a perfunctory walk once a day. This may be ok for a day or two, but would be taxing on both the custodian and the dog on an extended period, especially if the substitute carer is not properly trained in pet care. A convenient solution for providing proper care to a pet while the owner is away is through dog boarding. In the US, professional boarding kennels accredited by the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) provide secure, well-maintained facilities to ensure pets will stay safe, healthy and “happy”. Boarding kennels assure competent substitute pet care is provided so that the pet owner can spend time away from home knowing the dog is in good hands. In other countries, boarding kennels also operate with accreditation and/or regulating bodies similar to ABKA. Boarding kennels are not breeding kennels, training schools or veterinary clinics (but some pet clinics and training schools operate a boarding kennel business). Boarding kennels ensure “board and lodging” for pets and usually perform other services like animal grooming, training classes, provision of pet supplies, and even pet shipping. Most facilities maintain separate sleeping quarters for each pet with either a common or individualized exercise area (either indoors or in an outdoor enclosure).
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These operations usually have a veterinarian to monitor pet health and provide necessary treatment for a pet in the care of the boarding kennel. Pet owners however, may have the option to arrange that any medical treatment be undertaken by the dog’s own vet for reasons of medical history familiarity.
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Boarding kennels may feed dogs specific dog food brands agreed with the owner (with not a few owners supplying it themselves), as well as any medication regime a dog requires. Certain kennels maintain specific conditions on the care of dogs under medication, so this must be clarified with the facility beforehand. The pet owner wishing to place a pet in a boarding kennel can get referrals from friends, seek recommendations from the veterinarian, or check out website listings of local boarding kennel operators. The details of the services offered (including corresponding rates) can be obtained from these websites. With the advances in digital CCTV, some kennels today make it possible for owners to remotely monitor how their pets are faring through the internet.

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