The Benefits of Buying a Tailored Shirt

Most men buy their shirts off the rack. They just visit a local clothing shop and buy shirts in readily available sizes. However, if you can afford it, you should definitely consider buying tailored shirts. Readymade shirts don’t always fit properly. The fitting is mostly too loose or too tight from the waist and the shoulders, which ruins your whole outfit. If you are looking for formal shirts that you can wear to work, it’s always wise to opt for tailored shirts.

Tailored men’s shirts are perfect for the summer. Tailored clothing is generally better than readymade clothing. Most people think that tailored shirts are considerably more expensive. However, if you are buying the cloth separately, there’s not much of a difference in the total costs of stitching. In fact, in some cases, you will find that there’s a considerable difference between the prices of readymade branded shirts and tailored shirts. Here are just some of the many benefits of buying a tailored shirt.

A Better Fit

One of the biggest reasons you should always go to a tailor for your shirts is the fitting. The fitting of a shirt can be determined through the shoulders, the waist and the underarms. A shirt that’s too tight will stick to your body, and will also cause restrictions in movement. It will also look really poor, as the shirt will begin to stretch around the buttons. On the other hand, if you are wearing a shirt that’s too loose, it will start drooping off of the shoulders, and the sleeves might turn out to be too big.

If you go to a tailor, they will first take the proper measurements in order to determine your size. The shirt will fit comfortably on your body, and will be just the perfect fit. Tailored shirts complement your body shape, and look considerably classier than readymade shirts.

High Quality Fabric

Tailors usually use high quality Egyptian and Italian cotton for stitching shirts. When you visit a custom tailor shop, they will show you a variety of different fabrics that you can choose from. Obviously, the prices vary depending upon the thread count and the quality of the fabric. Readymade shirts are designed for the general public. Most brands that produce readymade shirtsuse poor quality fabric in order to maximise their profit margins and sell off as many shirts as possible.

However, if you are going to a tailor to get custom made shirts, you can easily choose the fabric based on your budget. Setting an appointment with the tailor isn’t a problem; you can easily contact the tailor for a custom fitting. Once the tailor has your measurements, all you have to do is choose the fabric for the stitching. While it may take a little while for your shirts to get stitched, you should know that it’s time well spent. The higher quality and better fit mean that the shirts will last considerably longer, and will look significantly better than readymade shirts.


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