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Advantages of Purchasing eBooks One questions that readers often ask is that if purchasing eBooks is better than purchasing traditional paper-based books. The popularity of eBooks is due to the ease of use of the eReader which also comes with many wonderful features, making the eBooks reading experience comparable to reading traditional books but with much more benefits. Below are some advantages of purchasing eBooks over paper books. Waiting for an eBook to be delivered is not a problem, because it is instantaneous. There is an instantaneous delivery the moment you make a purchase. It can be delivered to your e-reader, laptop, tablet or whatever device you might be using. Time used for purchasing and downloading eBooks is just a few minutes. Going out of the home and shopping or ordering a physical book online and waiting for days for it to be delivered are all eliminated. Physical books cost much, but prices of eBooks are much lower than these. You need to initially pay for an eReader but this will be gained back from purchasing cheap eBooks in the long run. What’s more, there are free eBooks being offered online every now and then, on many different subjects. When authors promote their books, you can get special discounts too. You can fill your eReader with many eBooks on different subjects for free or for a minimal cost.
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More than three thousand books can fit the memory of an eReader. And this device is very compact. This means that you do not need to worry about where to put your books, whether to build a bigger bookshelf or not. You can purchase as many eBooks as you want, and you don’t need to worry about clutter. Your eBooks do not get piled up physically in your room, unlike purchasing paper books which will give you a problem where to put the stockpile that you have brought home.
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With eBooks, trees are preserved because they are paperless, and this helps a lot in preserving the environment. Self publishing is possible for amateur writers and publishers because they can publish using eReader format. This will increase the number of choices for authors and books for e-readers. These self-publishing authors offer their books for a minimal price or even for free at times, when they are promoting their books. These are just some of the reasons why purchasing eBooks has more advantages that their paper-based counterparts. Because of an eReader’s many features, reading an eBook is not a completely different experience from reading a real, physical book; they are not expensive, you get them right after the purchase, your room does not get cluttered, and you can have thousands of books in a small, compact gadget.

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