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Tips in Hand Washing Your Car If you have a tight budget in cleaning your car, you can always wash your car by yourself and all you need is just a soap, bucket of water and rag and the fun thing is you can include your family in washing your car. To be able to achieve a clean and spotless car, you must be able to find a spot wherein it is away from the direct sunlight so that the water would not mark on your car after washing it. You must gather all the necessary things that you need in washing your car so that you will have an easy time in washing your car and you do not need to go far for the things that you need for your car. To start with, you just have a pale or bucket and by using this bucket, you must fill it with water then you must pour the right amount of soap for the level of water that you already have in your bucket. The next thing that you have to do is to close the windows of your car or any opening so that the water will not enter into your car and to avoid any damage inside your car while you are washing it and you must also bring down the antenna. In washing your car, you must initially remove the dirt and dust of your car so that when you apply soap on the surface of your car, you must be able use a hose to wash the dirt and dust of your car.
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In washing your car, you must be able to use soft rag and sponge and do not use brush because this will leave scratches on your car and by using the sponge, you can thoroughly wash and remove the dirt on your car. In order for you to clean thoroughly your car, you must be able to rinse the sponge with soap and dirt into a plain water into a separate bucket or pale so that the dirt on the sponge will be removed and you can apply it again on the surface of the car.
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The next thing that you need to do after applying the soap on the surface of the car is to use the hose and rinse it water so that the soap will not dry on the surface or on the paint of the car which is not good. When you are approaching the last part of your washing for your car, you must clean the bottom part thoroughly because this is the dirtiest and you must also use a separate sponge or rag for the bottom part of the car.

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