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Himalayan Bowls The main thing that you should be conscious about the Himalayan bowls is that, they emerged from the Tibetans around 1000 years ago. Although they look like to be constructed almost identically with those of singing bowls found in India and Asia as further as 3,000 years ago, they have a rather distinct use than of the Tibetan singing bowls The purpose of this singing bowls in the culture of the Tibetans is usually credited to a group of shamans performing rituals called “Bon”. These singing bowls were made of either five to seven to nine different kinds of metals when they were initially made. The fundamental metals that were used in the creation were, copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, and mercury. Other individuals conclude that the first few singing bowls that was made also had metals from meteorites included in it. Metals that were used back in the early times by the Tibetan’s are also being used in the creation of Modern Metal Singing bowls. People then used casts to make sure that they are in line with nature, allowing all of it to be relatively easy to use given the circumstances that not all individuals have time to learn each and every individual singing bowl, which is also helpful for the people who are poor that time. You can still however own an antique singing bowl today if you search thoroughly and hard enough since they are very limited. If you ever spot one, you will most likely find it very expensive in comparison to their modern counterparts.
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Crystal singing bowls possess their own personality since they are mostly hand carved out of a big piece of crystal which makes them unique. A few number of singing bowls are constructed out of complex crystal materials and are unchanging in nature. Since that is the case, the use of one of these singing bowls defeats the reason of using a crystal bowl.
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Using Tibetan singing bowls for meditation allows the mediator to reach a higher predicament of mediation when they are in use, that is why the singing bowls are frequently used for meditation. The creation of higher pitched sounds have rendered the crystal bowls much more favorable than the metal singing bowls for individuals who have considered meditation to be a part of their daily lives. Singing bowls are mostly effortless to use as it is a very simple device. In order to use the singing bowls in your meditation, hold the singing stick vertically into a straight edge of the singing bowl and rotate it around in a slow speed. You can also increase the speed and slow it down whenever you like and however you like it. Some of the yoga classes have a person assigned to play the singing bowl while the others meditate. Meditation will be much easier with the help of the person who plays the singing bowl.

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