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Dove Hunting – How to Find A Perfect Spot If you are someone who enjoys dove hunting, here are some easy yet useful tips you can keep in mind as you scout for the perfect place. 1. Survey the area. If you are new into this hobby or someone who is not really into this, then it is best that you look around the area first before you consider hunting in the said place. And with this, it is certain that you will learn a lot of things about doves in just an afternoon. You can pay attention in the manner they fly in groups or in solo, you can study the sun, as well as the time these birds would start to fly. Look for other areas that are promising as well in the event that there are a lot of people who are in your first choice of area. 2. Early bird gets the worm. As a result, the early hunter is able to find the best place for dove hunting. And you don’t want other people to get your chosen spot for the reason that you arrive late. And it is certain that you are not the only one who were able to choose the spot. Whether you plan to hunt in the morning or in the afternoon, don’t waste your time, go to the field early, take your spot and make sure to make everyone jealous.
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3. The timelessness of sun. Get your compass, know from east to west and then position yourself and just be in awe of the beauty of the sun. The sun can really deter your capability to look for doves. If you can’t spot these doves, then it is a great idea that you take time to relax and just enjoy the rays and colors of the sun.
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4. Assembly. The structure of the dove is merely something other than water of food that entices birds. These structures have something to do with the flight patterns of dove in the field. It can be anything form old barns in the rice fields or group of trees. These areas will serve as a resting areas for doves until such time they need to look for water and food. And looking for a spot that is near these structures can generate some prime real property in the field. 5. Holes for water. Doves usually find water areas once they are finish eating. Bear this in mind if you are contemplating on installing watering hole systems. Hence, it is also a great idea that you find a spot near water systems. Doves will surely go to these places.

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