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What You Should Do to Communicate Effectively As what you already know, communication is how the message is being delivered and how it is being received. This is a two-way process and this involves the receiver and the sender of the message. For effective communication, this won’t just have to be words but also the body language and also the kind of voice that you use and also the art of listening. If you want to know how you will be able to improve your skills in communication, then here are some tips that you should keep in mind so that you can communicate more effectively and clearly. You must know the vocal tone that you would use. If you are going to speak, the tone of the voice can say a great deal of your emotions during the conversation. You have to pay close attention to how the tone can affect how the others would respond to you as well as the emotion that they have in expressing their response. What you should remember is that what you get in return indicates what you have originally sent out. Second, you have to know the importance of a good eye contact. When you are not able to do this, then it would send a message that you are trying to avoid something or that you are hiding something or you are not interested about the current discussion. The eye contact is really critical to communication and this is why you must maintain this.
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You must try practicing eye contact by doing this four to five second intervals. You must maintain this with the person that you are speaking with. It is through this manner that you will be able to focus your attention and how the other will pay attention to what you say. This can also prevent the mind from wandering.
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It also very important that you remember that you make the communication meaningful and more effective. There are nonverbal communication skills that you should also use to convey your messages. You can improve what you say by using nonverbal gestures that support what you say. You have to keep in mind that the whole body and your mind is really important and powerful for communication. Also, you should be attentive. You may think that you can actually multi-task when talking with someone. It is not attention when you just give your divided attention. Being humans, people need to focus on one thing at one time. In a conversation, you should minimize the potential distractions in and out. You should know that listening is an active process since you will have to comprehend what the other person is expressing. This is the act of not just waiting for your turn to say what you want.

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