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Tips for Making Your Staircase a Focal Point Nowadays it seems like everyone is remodeling their home; some people are trying to get their house ready to put on the market and others are just wanting to update their living space. Most people will update their living rooms, their kitchens and their bedrooms but will overlook what could be a focal point in their home, that is the staircase. Many people see their stairs as a functional object and not a feature of their home, they are just a passage way to another level of the home. Many people are wrong when they think that their staircase cannot be stylish. Being able to see your stairs as a feature in your home takes creativity, but it is easily done. With a few carefully selected parts you can easily transform your staircase. This article is intended to give you a few tips to turn your staircase into an elegant feature in your home. Our first tip is to get statement spindles. Most of the spindles that come on staircases are pretty boring, but you do not have to stick with these. You can let your imagination work when you are trying to pick out new spindles for your staircase. A cheap way to change up your spindles is to paint them, you can have some fun with it and paint them a color that contrasts your banister. If you are looking for a more contemporary option you can elect to invest in some glass or metal spindles.
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Glass is a great way to create some space and any airy feeling in your home, this is the same when it comes to your staircase. This can be good for your entire home as it is visually appealing. If you do not like spindles altogether then you should elect for a glass balustrades. If you do this then you will have options when it comes to your banister. If you like a more modern look you could pair your balustrade with a shiny banister. a wood banister will give your stairs a blend of old and new.
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Our next tip is transform the actual stairs, an easy way to do this is to paint the floorboards if they are already bare. If you are interested in creating a natural feel in your house then painting your stairs a gray color or a pale blue will give you this. Some people might like a more exotic statement with their staircases, for this a vibrant color will be best. An eye catching stair runner can also make your stairs look different without having to paint the stairs. To sum everything up, whatever you choose to do to your stairs, just remember that your stairs can be a focal point of your home.

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