What Almost No One Knows About Cleaners

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service Most managers know that keeping their premises clean is not a very easy task. Whether they’re running a store, a hospital, or any type of facility, the job can be challenging, especially because appearance makes lasting impressions on customers. If you are the owner or manager of a business and you would like to hire a cleaning service, don’t assume they’re all the same. Here are ways to help you select the right company: Important Questions > What services do you specialize in?
Services Tips for The Average Joe
> Are you a franchise company and are you capable of servicing more than one location (if applicable)? Do you have the manpower required? Are they experienced?
Learning The Secrets About Cleaning
> What kinds of cleaning products do you use and why? > What types of clients do you usually have? Do you have experience with businesses similar to my business? > Will you give me references? Insurance Among the most important things you have to look for as you search for a good commercial cleaning service is insurance. For one, hire a company that has liability insurance, and ensure that it will be enough for your protection. For another, make sure they have workers’ compensation insurance too. Both types of coverage are actually required by most states. However, if they do say they are insured, don’t rest at that. They could be insured but not adequately. Ask for a copy of their insurance certificate, and if you do hire the company, make it a point they add you as a certificate holder and additional insured. This makes sure you are updated with a new certificate as soon as the policy expires or gets cancelled. Products and Tools Also ask the company to inspect your facility so they can plan what cleaning products and equipment to use. Less experienced cleaners may use the wrong products, or they may actually use the right products but in the wrong ways. They might even use the wrong equipment, causing permanent damages to your property. This is unlikely to happen if you hire an experienced company. Cleaning Checklist or Work Order Ask your prospective cleaner for a cleaning checklist of all the services to be performed with each visit. The list is technically known as a “work order,” and it should have your signature. This means you will be paying for the listed services and only if you are satisfied. Pricing and Payments Prior to hiring a cleaning service, ask them to explain their pricing structure, both for regular and incidental services. Good cleaners understand that customers will always want a more or less clear picture of their costs. Finally, ask them about the types of payment they accept, their cancellation policy and whether or not they offer a guarantee.

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