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Find Out The Height Of Different Holywood Celebrities I’m specifically talking about male hollywood stars. The public doesn’t seem to be that much interested in knowing the the height of Angelina Jolie but they are more interested in knowing what is the height of Arnold Schwarzenegger, if it is really 6’2″. That is what his publicist says, but that is also what most publicists say about their male clientele. Usually they will add a few more inches to the original height so the male celebrity will have more fans. There are websites where you could know about the real height of hollywood celebrities. You will see the best estimated height of Hollywood celebrities in these websites, since the creators will combine their personal encounter with celebrities with other information from different people. The consensus about Arnold’s height is real.
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Close interactions with hollywood stars will not give you the accurate height of the star, not unless they are not wearing any kind of foot ware. You could get a good read on the height of Matthew McConaughey since he never seems to be far from the beach, but if you try to read men’s height at a red carpet event it would be quite difficult. It is hard to get a good read in events like the red carpet since their shoes could have heels or shoe lifts. The heels of a dress shoe is has one or more inches. Interior shoe lifts can put the height of Tom Cruise on the same height as Liam Neeson. Nowadays, a lot of hollywood stars wear shoe lifts so they could boost their image.
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People thought that the Height of Frank Sinatra is about 5’10”. I confirmed my suspicion in the book that of George Jacobs, Sinatra’s valet in the fifties and sixties. He praised Frank’s masculine appearance but he swore that hes height is not taller than 5’7″. I guess Sinatra is just an inch taller than me. I read that Bing Crosby is 5’6″, just like me and it is not that hard to believe. Bing and Frank was buil differently. He is short-limbed and he never looked tall in his films even f he wore shoe lifts. But Frank Sinatra’s bony rail thin physique and bony face it made him look like he was 5’10” in height. Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino, to the best of my knowledge, have never claimed to be what they are not. They are comfortable with their height since they are obviously very talented. And it does not even bother them if the actress that they are paired with are a couple inches taller than them.

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