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Basic Survival Skills You Need for the Wilderness and Emergencies Since we never find ourselves in those kinds of situation in the first place, most of us are unaware or unskilled in survival methods, which is in contrast to outdoorsy people. During emergency situations where no one else could rescue you, it is actually a good thing to know and have the basic skills that you can use to save yourself. You need to know at least 5 basic skills among the various things you need to know in surviving emergencies, the outdoors, and the wilderness. 1. Have the right attitude Having the proper attitude and mindset is the most important thing that you need to posses in situations where survival skills is needed. Having the mindset and approach that you will indeed survive the situation is the attitude needed for survival. If you feel hopeless about the situation, then it may inevitably lead to you not surviving at all. In survival situations, your primal instincts play a big role. You will be able to survive the toughest situations when you combine your instincts and a few other skills.
A 10-Point Plan for Gear (Without Being Overwhelmed)
2. Water is very important
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People will be able to survive for 3 weeks without food but will only be able to survive for 3 days without water, which is quite a known fact. It is also crucial for you to know this skill after having the proper attitude. Water naturally runs downhill, which is something you must keep in mind in order to find it. Also be mindful of animal tracks. Animals have the same need for water to survive, just like humans, which is why they would know where the available water source is. 3. Get access to proper shelter Make sure to prioritize shelter when you think that it would take more than a day before someone rescues you. You should look for shelter that is substantial enough to protect you from snow, wind, or rain. Building a shelter that is roomy enough for you to lie down is great as your body heat will be able to keep you and your shelter warm. 4. Make sure you know how to build fire During emergencies, make sure that you also know how to build fire. This is because losing body heat can also kill you as lack of water and food can. It also plays a role when you find food that needs to be cooked before consumed. You also need to know the proper location to build fire. It is important to build your fire where wind will not be able to directly blow on it. 5. Know where to source your food A crucial thing for your energy and survival is food. Be mindful that plants are actually not your best option when it comes to food. If you are not very familiar with plants, you might end up poisoning yourself. Mammals that have fur are edible and quite nutritious, which is why they are your safest bet.

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