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Learn The Different Ways On How International Women’s Day Is Celebrated International Women’s Day is celebrated every 8th of March and usually women like to observe this day. Other people might not be able to appreciate International Women’s Day but this is simply to give credits to the women in our loves who has been there for us, to those women who have dedicated their life for the country or simply to each and every women regardless of their stand as they are observed due to their political contribution, economic views and even how they interact socially. We nay not know it but the celebration is of wider scope, the celebration also focus on the achievements and the different contributions by the women in our lives thus they deserve to be treated with so much love and respect and should be appreciated in each and every way. As mention it is observed all over the world, hence whether from what country you are in, from what race you belong you should then appreciate and celebrate this at least in a year. Prepare yourself for this one big day and be reminded by heart on these different ideas we have prepared for you to make your mom, special girls and each and every women out there to feel special on this special day and make them feel that they deserve such recognition. You have to Wear a Purple Ribbon – We might not be aware of but wearing a purple ribbon may indicate a lot things and most especially it may indicate that they support different causes of ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, anti gay bullying could be also one and same goes to ADD in order to support awareness. It only does not indicate your support with all the causes but it is also to show that you are celebrating the International Women’s Day celebrated for all women from across the globe. During the late 1990’s, Nova Scotia initiated and introduced the Purple Ribbon Campaign through Women’s Action Coalition and through this wearing purple ribbon has been widely used even up until now. Not everyone might know it but wearing the purple ribbon also means another thing for everyone in Montreal where in it used to remember all the women who died in a massacre in montreal last December 6, 1989 and to be exact there were 14 women who was violently slain at that time. It may be a meaning of a lot of awareness but by wearing this purple ribbon may indicate a strong conviction of raising awareness on all the women out there who were a victim of violence, by wearing the purple ribbon you are indicating a full support on the said awareness and it is all worth it. Spread the Word – Not just by supporting but also by spreading the awareness for International Women’s Day.8 Lessons Learned: Holidays

6 Lessons Learned: Holidays

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