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Important Tasks That Should Be Done For Website Maintenance Website maintenance is something that has to be done on a regular basis and for a good reason as well. First, you could be sure that your site is always running smoothly, second your website is subject to being hacked whether you like it or not but when you have proper website maintenance program, you can steer clear of this by keeping things up to date and lastly, visitors are always looking for something new and through website maintenance, it is possible to provide them with constantly new and exciting products, features or information. But what are the vital tasks that need to be done for website maintenance? Better keep on reading if you want to learn more about these things. Number 1. Testing the website speed – it is important that you test the download speed of the site on a regular basis, particularly if you’ve added new features in it. If your page is a bit slow to load, then your visitors may likely go to your competitor’s site. And with this, you have to do everything that you can in order to improve the download speed of your site so by that, visitors will like to stay reading the content of your page and hopefully, have more engagement with them. Number 2. Backing up your site – backing up your site is something that has to be done on a regular basis, particularly if you are using online interface of your blog or store to make changes. Always remember that these sorts of things happen and even if your web hosting firm says that they’ve backed up the site on their server, they might have done this before your last edit. In the event that the server has crashed or your page gets hacked, then your edits would be gone if the web hosting firm has restored what they’d backed up. Just because you have not backed up your site for few minutes, you are likely to lose a day’s work on it.
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Number 3. Check your links – links become broken sometimes, believe it or not. The links can get broken or changed when you make changes within the site and if you referenced someone in your articles or perhaps, someone else within the site. The good thing is, it is not that difficult to find broken links on your website. You may use a link checker in testing both the internal and external links at least once per month.
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Number 4. Monitoring website outages – one effective way for you to keep track of this is by letting website maintenance professionals to install a program which will notify you every time your site is down.

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