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Things You Must Know About Kerry Blue Terriers It is ideal to go for a Kerry Blue Terrier if you like to have a dog with good personality for fun and adventure. It’s been described as comical by several sources as well. The breed may require experienced dog owner and strong willed, which makes Kerry Blue Terrier a great watch dog where they are only barking when needed and is protected and alert to the family members. The breed is tolerating children very well but has to be socialized to accepting other pets in the household. They really enjoy learning and is very intelligent dog with awesome memory so they could be trained. It needs determination and consistency by the owner when it comes for the training. Kerry Blue has to know that human is the one that will determine what is going to happen. If they sense that you’re weak, they’ll think that they’re the one that is in control. This may result to difficult behavior problems with the pet. Kerry Blue additionally does well if you live in an apartment however, they must have some time per day in order to stretch their legs by bringing them out for a jog or walk. The owner needs to plan spending time in playing with the dog regularly to bond and expend their energy.
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As for these breeds, their lifespan may range from 12 to 15 years. Among the common issues that these pets normally have are eye problems like dry eyes and cataracts. And as with other pure bred dogs, there are other cardiac problems and hip problems that might develop in the said breed. On the other hand, assuming that you care them well, expect to have a playful and fun loving member of the family for years to come.
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The coat is among the most notable aspects of Kerry Blue Terriers as its soft along with a texture that’s much like human hairs. Aside from that, traditional color of coat is either blue or slate gray that can run darker with animals to black. This is one of the breeds that doesn’t shed or doesn’t shed much and their hair tends to grow throughout the years. With this said, it is a must for Kerry Blue to be groomed every 6 weeks at least for them to look good. The coat should be brushed every day and the beard has to be cleaned daily too. It is recommended to have weekly baths and don’t seem to dry out the skin not like other breeds. Aside from that, this breed isn’t giving off a “wet dog” smell when they’re wet. It is best to pluck the hair from the ears to avoid ear infections.

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